GATA Objectives

Greater Atlanta Telugu Association (GATA) is a Non-Profit Organization serving the Telugu-speaking Community living in and around Greater Atlanta Area.

GATA’s Fundamental Objectives are

The objective of GATA is to establish Telugu literacy and cultural activism, to build and maintain a Telugu library, to create and promote understanding and cooperation between Telugu and all peoples, to provide financial aid to philanthropic educational and scientific institutions, and to perform any other charitable activities related to the scope of these activities, including but not limited to:

  • To preserve, maintain, and promote social and cultural heritage of the Telugu speaking people living in the GATA Area.
  • To assist, advance, organize, and promote cultural, literary, educational, socio-economic, health, and community affairs of the Telugu speaking people.
  • To serve the local communities, encourage Telugu youth to become involved in local humanitarian service acts, and to foster friendship between Telugu people and other non-Telugu speaking people.
  • To promote and address women, youth and senior citizen issues in the context of cultural, literary, educational, socio-economic, health and community affairs of the Telugu-speaking people in the community.
  • To create opportunities for the cultural exchange between people living in the USA, India and rest of the world wherever people of Telugu origin resides.
  • To encourage awareness and promote Telugu culture among Telugu youth.

To serve as a central resource for all social, cultural, and humanitarian issues related to the Telugu community in the GATA Area.